No shipping after Wednesday, 5/24 this week! So, all orders placed on Wednesday the 24th through the 29th will ship the Tuesday or Wednesday after Memorial Day. Please plan accordingly!

3/19/2017 If cookies are not enabled in your Google Chrome browser, you may not be able to checkout on this website. Try using a different browser...or enabling your cookies...or making your purchase through an incognito window.

Yes, this is a legitimate business based in Oregon and if the website says it's in stock it almost certainly is. Inventorying live animals (and lots of them) is tricky, but it is my job to do it as well as possible.

No, I do not take phone calls or make them and I never will. I work nights mainly and sleep days, mainly. And there is the Time Zone issue. People with trust issues don't trust websites without phone numbers. Fine with me if they cannot recognize that the people you can trust in this world are the ones with an unrivaled and glaringly obvious passion for a subject. I don't make time to convince them. The loss of business is greatly outweighed by the priceless benefits of never hearing a phone ring.

No I do not ship outside the USA, or to Hawaii or Puerto Rico under any circumstances. Orders to such places will be cancelled.

Why are so many things out of stock? Many are seasonal. Many are made available to me by breeders now and then, and with no forewarning to even myself. I leave out of stock products visible for several reasons, but partly to show you what is possible on a yearly basis. Go ahead...dream a buggy dream! I did. I do.

Include your ZIP Code when you contact me. This way I can reply with details on weather and time in transit that could save you money if cheaper shipping is an option! 

Want to see some of my reviews on an independent 3rd party site? See Arachnoboards, HERE.

I sell bugs. I get pounded with emails everyday and cannot reply to them all, all the time. I am particularly busy early in the week (shipping days). I work about 15 hours per day, 7 days per week. So many others "in the hobby" burn out. I'm intense, I'm relentless and I live for this. I can't afford to hire more people. This is a niche business and I bust my butt every day to scrap out a living for my family doing what I love to do. And I DO LOVE every second of it and that's why there is no other website like this one in the world.

I run a business(es) unlike any other and have devoted the better part of my life to it. My highest committment is to my paying customers. My Terms and Conditions page lays out the expectations between you and me. Please, please save us both time and read it before you email me, especially with questions about what day your package is shipping. The T&C page discusses that in detail and you'll get a tracking number when I create your label per the TERMS AND CONDITIONS LINK HERE.

If you are confused about something, please don't hesitate to email me. If you like bugs and want to spend money, let's be! Statistically, you are very likely to get a quick and helpful reply (and likely a link to the T&C page linked above).

If you order with PayPal and use a different email address for that, remember to check that email address AND your junk/spam folders for order notifications and any replies I might make to you. I expend (a euphemism) much time each week on customers that miskey their email addresses or use multiple ones. (Sure, it comes with the territory but it all adds up for me very quickly.)

I find the electronic trail (email) invaluable in keeping track of what people want. I appreciate people that take the time to compose their questions and emails carefully.

For a few minutes, almost every night, I put on my headlamp and venture back into the outdoors to collect--close by, but a world away from emails and people and everything else. It is the best part of my day. It is this same need for escape and this connection to nature that brings you to my website. A captive habitat with bugs in it is a window into that world, and to exotic places we may never go. It is a nature program come to life. Paradoxically, your orders force me outdoors and on amazing trips to collect some of these amazing things. And I work very hard. And I am very grateful to live in the greatest time in all of history for any person fascinated by insects. The dawn of the Internet. Cyberspace, we used to call it. (Do we still?) 

In addition to this website, I also own and maintain three popular hobby forums and . Plus, I'm launching yet another business in early 2016. My plate is terribly full and if I have a little bit of time to spare every month or so, I dump time into having things from my backyard identified on Bugguide.Net because experiencing the diversity of insects and learning about them is my passion and life purpose.

I worked at UPS for 19 years and did this on the side. The stereotype of the constantly-moving UPSer is quite accurate and I've carried this hurried pace into all corners of my own life. I was a Teamster's Union Shop Steward and worked hard to have a good day at work, everyday. I represented my fellow union workers when they needed it. I've never had time to be depressed or stressed and I never will. The post office closes at 5 PM and I just keep on truckin'. I go to the post office twice each shipping day. I leave with express boxes at 1:30PM, PST. For many reasons I'm not usually able to ship packages same-day. I reluctantly go to bed and I spring out of bed, each ~morning.

After 17 years online I finally made my break from UPS in mid 2014 and this became my full-time gig. Over the years I have developed a very efficient business in a very unique field, based partly on all my years in the shipping industry. When I say I work 15 hours per day, I assure you they are highly productive hours. Early in 2015, my wife quit her job to help me manage these businesses, part chaos and part order and ALL bugs, all the time. I love bugs. (She must love me.)

I respect your interest in bugs and my products. Please respect my time and I will continue to devote an insane portion of my life to offering products that others are far too sane to dump their lives into.

My apologies for the length of this, but this website has existed for 20 years and that is a long time to do something and not make it as perfect as possible for oneself and for the people that find themselves drawn to this little lantern I've briefly lit in this remote corner of the universe. There has never been a better moment in time and space to experience the diversity of insects. While being uniquely capable of appreciating it, Humankind has already ensured that the peaks of diversity are passing quickly before our eyes.

Now you know who you are contacting.

Peter Clausen

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