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New pet millipede keepers consistently underestimate the importance of the substrate in their pets' tanks. The substrate is the source of everything for a pet millipede. It is their primary food source. It is their shelter. It is their source for hydration and should remain slightly moist at all times. A good substrate provides all these things and other foods you are are supplementary.

Please review my Pet Millipede Care Sheet for more information and photos.

The most important ingredient in a pet millipede's substrate is decaying leaves from hardwood trees. These are best mixed into a mix of bases, the density of which helps to conserve moisture, provide stability/structure when the millipede burrows and is itself a source of food. If your substrate isn't being turned into fecal pellets (poop), it's not good substrate.

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For millipedes we offer five options.

1. The Composite Blend is ALL the necessary ingredients for pet millipedes. Volume measures approximately 10 inches by 7 inches by 4.75 inches and consisits of soil, including composted materials, sand, sphagnum peat moss, a little bit of calcium carbonate powder to support the building of your pet's exoskeleton and  two sandwich baggies of leaves. This is enough substrate to provide food for a millipede or group of millipedes for maybe six months, depending on the size and number of the millipedes. It can be mixed in with your current substrate to freshen it up with all the healthy ingredients that may be depleted from it. $19.99. Free Shipping.

2. The Composite & Hardwood Cup substrate option is essentially the same as the composite subtrate (w/two leaf bags) above but includes a 3.75 ounce cup of properly decayed oak flakes. Sprinkle a third of the cup on the surface of the substrate every month or as needed. These fine bits are more easily chewed by millipedes. They love it! $23. Free Shipping.

3. Edible Compost is a mixture of various organic composted ingredients. It is an ingredient in our composite blend from #1 above but is purchased by many keepers that may otherwise just want this select material. Volume measures approximately 10 inches by 7 inches by 4.75 inches. $17. Free Shipping.

4. The Oak Flake Soil - this is 1 pound of 100% medium to soft decay oak wood flakes. This is a premium grade product created through a time consuming and meticulous process of fermentation. It consists of finely ground fermented oak wood mixed with finely ground wild collected oak wood. It is freeze-treated to sterilize it. $21 per pound. Please note that the volume of this is far less than the other four substrates on this page.

5. Oak Chunks in Compost This is essentially the same as #3 above but adds a 3.75 ounce cup of oak "chunks." These chunks are harder and are broken down more slowly in longterm tanks. $23. Free Shipping.


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Note that we sterilize this substrate but that it is organic material and all organic material continues to decay. Some mold may form as it encounters all the native spores and microorganisms in your home or on your pets, and in that new environment. It is a normal process. Little bits of mold may be spot cleaned. The substrate may need to be turned over a bit with a spoon during this time. After a month or so the micro-ecosystem in your cage should come into balance. If you already have a seasoned cage set up, adding smaller amounts of our substrate to the tank over time will help to keep the ecosystem in balance.

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