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Asian Beetle JelliesBeetle Jelly 6 packs

Jelly food product from Japan and Taiwan, made specifically for beetles. Brown sugar only.

Jelly food product for pet bugs. No mold, no spoilage, no smell!




leaflitter leaf litter millipede isopod substrate bag Buy Heatpack Shipping Insect
Leaf BagMantis Honey Sticks

A sandwich bag of dried, brown leaves. Millipedes, isopods and other leaf feeding arthropods love these.

Energy packed, possibly medicinal honey sticks for pet insects. 100% pure, Grade A clover honey.




Springtails brewers yeast food roach beetle jelly buy cup
Brewers Yeast SpringtailsRoach Jelly Six Pack

A .5 ounce baggie of brewer's yeast for springtails.

Roach jelly is a great source of nourishment for your cockroach pets. Sold in a six pack.




Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger Insect food feeder dry mix Pet Roach and Isopod food
Repashy Superfoods Bug BurgerDry Pellet Food

A complete diet for Crickets, Roaches, and other Insects.

Roaches and isopods and desert beetles LOVE LOVE LOVE these things! 2 ounce cup.




Feeder Roach and Cricket 10 inch Feeding Tongs buy pet insect food water dish
Feeding Tongs 10 inchesFood and Water Dish

Clean Hands! Zoo Med brand stainless steel tongs are used for picking up crickets or cockroaches to feed to other animals. Also used for safely moving scorpions and other venomous pets around.

Smallish (5 inches across) food/water dish for pet bugs, reptiles and amphibians.