pet centipede substrate Buy Theatops Forceps Centipede Live Pet
Centipede SubstrateForceps Centipede

Substrate for tropical and desert centipedes.

Theatops sp. Rarely offered.



Mini Steer Skull Buy Tank Decoration cow spider pet cage tank buy habitat pet
Mini Steer SkullPet Spider Habitat Kit

Lend a desert vibe to your scorpion, centipede or desert beetle tank with this product.

A habitat enclosure for spiders and young tarantulas, other arachnids and centipedes.



pet centipede tank cage buy Scolopendra polymorpha Tiger Centipede buy
Complete Pet Centipede Habitat KitTiger Centipede

All the essentials for your pet centipede's home.

Scolopendra polymorpha is a Great beginner's species. (back this week)



Rhysida longipes Hemiscolopendra marginata Centipede buy live pet
African Longtail CentipedeHemiscolopendra marginata

Rhysida longipes is a pretty species established in Florida. Discounted, missing 1/2 antenna on one side.

The Florida Blue Centipede is perhaps the prettiest US species. Discounted Imperfect specimen. Read more...



scolopendra alternans centipede phpto image Scolopendra viridis Centipede buy live pet
Florida Keys Giant CentipedeScolopendra viridis

Scolopendra longipes from Florida (formerly S. alternans). Around 4 inches.

One of 4 species of US giant centipedes. Captive-raised.




Geophilomorpha centipede Lithobius sp. Stone Centipedes
GeophilomorphaStone Centipede

Soil centipedes are comparatively long and thin.

Reddish, leggy stone centipedes.



Scolopcryptops centipede Scolopendra polymorpha blue Tiger Centipede buy live pet
Scolopocryptops CentipedeScolopendra polymorpha Blue Tiger

Red-orange centipedes.

A more bluish version of the tiger centipede.



Scutigera coleoptrata House Centipede photo image Scolopendra heros buy live centipede
Scutigera coleoptrata House CentipedeScolopendra heros

Funky centipedes. Sizes vary. Tons of legs.

Scolopendra heros arizonensis