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Centipede SubstratePet Spider Habitat Kit

Substrate for tropical and desert centipedes.

A habitat enclosure for spiders and young tarantulas, other arachnids and centipedes.



Scolopendra polymorpha Tiger Centipede buy pet centipede tank cage buy
Tiger Centipede Color MorphComplete Pet Centipede Habitat Kit

Scolopendra polymorpha is a GREAT beginner's species. Blue-legs morph from CA.

All the essentials for your pet centipede's home.




Scolopendra polymorpha Tiger Centipede buy Scolopendra viridis Centipede buy live pet
Tiger CentipedeScolopendra viridis

Scolopendra polymorpha is a Great beginner's species.

One of 4 species of US giant centipedes. Captive-raised.




Geophilomorpha centipede Lithobius sp. Stone Centipedes
GeophilomorphaStone Centipede

Soil centipedes are comparatively long and thin.

Reddish, leggy stone centipedes.



Scolopcryptops centipede Scutigera coleoptrata House Centipede photo image
Scolopocryptops CentipedeScutigera coleoptrata House Centipede

Red-orange centipedes.

Funky centipedes. Sizes vary. Tons of legs.



Scolopendra heros buy live centipede
Scolopendra heros

Scolopendra heros arizonensis