Phanaeus dung beetle buy Megasoma sleeperi buy beetle larva
Phanaeus Rainbow Dung BeetlesSleeper's Elephant Beetle

Beautiful Rainbow dung beetles.

Megasoma sleeperi. That's right! L1/L2 Larvae available of the unicorn of US rhino beetles!




Blue Death feigning beetle Asbolus verrucosus beetle jelly photo image Japan Taiwan jellies buy
Blue Death Feigning BeetleAsian Beetle Jellies

Asbolus verrucosus are great insect pets for beginners. (they are late to emerge this year...should be ~soon, sorry)

Jelly food product from Japan and Taiwan, made specifically for beetles. Brown sugar only.




Chrysina beyeri Rutelinae buy buy dead Dynastes rhino beetle
Chrysina beyeriDynastes tityus Adult Male

One of the most beautiful US beetles-green with purple legs at maturity. Sold as a LARVA (immature grub-like stage).

Dynastes tityus is the Eastern Hercules Beetle from the USA. Adult male beetle.



Chrysina gloriosa Rutelinae smooth Death feigning beetle Asbolus laevis
Glorious ScarabSmooth Death Feigning Beetle

Arguably the most beautiful beetle in the USA! Green and gold striped. Larvae available (not adults).

Asbolus laevis and Asbolus papillosus are great insect pets for beginners. AKA Pop And Lock Beetles.




pet blue beetle tank cage buy beetle jelly Japan insect jellies buy
Complete Desert Beetle Habitat KitBeetle Jelly 6 packs

A complete habitat kit for death feigning beetles, darklings and other desert beetles.

Jelly food product for pet bugs. No mold, no spoilage, no smell!




Buy Pet Darkling Beetles desert tank Dynastes tityus rhino beetle pet
Desert Beetle SamplerDynastes tityus larvae

A three pack of different communal desert beetles.

Dynastes tityus is the Eastern Hercules Beetle from the USA. Captive bred L1 larvae (not adults).




pet beetle substrate compost oak hardwood flake Eleodes osculans wooly darkling beetle
Beetle SubstrateWooly Darkling Beetle

Six different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet beetle or beetle larva.

Eleodes osculans are hairy darkling beetles. See video.




Tenebrionidae darkling beetle buy Eleodes Harlequin beetle pet
Darkling BeetleHarlequin Beetle Larva

Darkling beetles make for great colony display tanks.

Gymnetis caseyi is a large, colorful flower scarab beetle. (this listing is for immatures/larvae, not adults)




buy live mealworm Pasimachus warrior beetle buy
MealwormsWarrior Beetle

3/4 to 1 inch long larvae of the popular feeders. 100 count for $4.

Pasimachus beetles are top-tier terrrestrial predators.




Buy Live Giant rhino beetle Dynastes granti
Dynastes granti Rhino Beetle Larvae

Larvae of the longest, most impressive rhino beetle in the United States. (immatures/grubs) First instar larvae.